Eddy Shah introduces a different kind of central character in the first of a series of books titled Rogue State, with the theme of one man against the establishment, and often crooked society, still reigning supreme.

His main character is a successful businessman, then politician, and eventually media owner – who also enjoys being a serial killer. He believes he’s righting the wrongs that politicians and other establishment figures achieve whilst in power.

This first book takes place during Prime Minister Tony Blair’s years, starting in the 1990’s and culminating at the beginning of the Gordon Brown years. The disaster of the Iraq War, started under the premise of a lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, is the background to how Britain, and the USA, were falsely taken to war that ended with many unnecessary deaths and injuries to both country’s troops and great sadness to so many innocent families.

The true figure may never be known, but official estimates record 109,032 persons who suffered violent deaths of which 66,061 were civilian, 38,000 were enemy and nearly 4,000 were termed friendly – soldiers of families from the UK and the US.

All on a lie.

This first book also deals with the new awareness of paedophilia and how Labour politicians appeared to actively support such organisations.

Our main character believes in retribution and this first book – of a series of six – shows how a serial killer thinks about doing something he enjoys in the belief that it is retributive judgement for the rest of us.

Book One deals with him on the first step of his newly discovered zealousness and beliefs. Book Two is not far behind and covers the Gordon Brown Premiership period as a background.

To be launched in April 2020. Books available from Amazon Books, The Apple Store, and Kobo books in large format Paperback and Kindle.