It was a book ahead of its time, one that his publisher's refused to publish as it broke new ground with the concept of mainstream thrillers of the time. Shah refused to change his style and put the book away as he waited for the technology and information age to catch up with his novel. It was something he was used to doing - his advance in newspapers and publishing changed the way national newspapers and magazines were produced; many people accepted he was the first person to introduce desk-top publishing into the UK.

After a thirteen year wait, Shah felt the book was now 'of its time.'

He approached one of the leading and most respected editors in UK book publishing, Peter Lavery of Pan Macmillan, and asked him to read it.

The result was an immediate acceptance of the book as a mainstream thriller. Shah brought the book up to date and it will be published by Pan Macmillan on November 7th 2008.

Shah also has a new hero in Conor Smith. 'This time I decided not to kill off my hero. I have a soft spot for Conor Smith. He shakes his head cynically at everything he sees, but he still sets out to put the world right. He is, in a world where we play computer games and chase virtual reality, a renaissance man who is technologically ahead of his competitors, yet has the morals of every old fashioned hero.'


Further 'Conor Smith' books planned by Eddy Shah...

'The Sound of Dead Bodies'. (click to read opening extract)

'The Suicide Gang'.

'The Christmas Day Murders.'

After writing four successful novels in the 1990’s,
Eddy Shah spent two years researching and
writing his new book, ‘Second World’.